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This handbook was developed by the Domestic Policy Council Working Group on American Indians and Alaska Natives (Working Group). This handbook is intended to provide a central location for federal sources of both technical and financial assistance available to Tribes for environmental management. The information is arranged alphabetically by governmental departments and agencies. Each entry provides specific categories of information: 1) available assistance (technical and/or financial); 2) purpose of assistance; 3) eligible recipients; 4) application process (required forms, deadlines, evaluation criteria, etc.); and 5) contacts. To make the document more user-friendly, the entries also are keyed according to environmental categories - air, water, plants and animals, toxic/hazardous waste, solid waste, pollution prevention, emergency preparedness and response, environmental education. Tribal environmental staffs spend a large part of their time applying for grants and searching for sources of federal assistance. This document is an effort to assist Tribal staff in their search and hopefully save them valuable time. The handbook can also assist federal, regional, state and local government employees in becoming better informed about the sources of environmental assistance available in order to improve customer service to the Tribes.

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White House Domestic Policy Council, Working Group on American Indians and Alaska Natives, Washington, DC.