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The purpose of this directory is to identify and document the status of all individuals and agencies concerned with issues surrounding the needs of Native Americans with disabilities so that they may initiate a national collective effort focused on those needs. The directory is divided into four sections: Section I - Individuals Listing; Section II - Agencies Listing; Section III - Individuals by State and Expertise; and Section IV - Agencies by State and Expertise. The directory is designed to: 1) link individuals with disabilities and their significant others with providers of services, be these individuals or agencies; 2) facilitate communication among and between individuals with disabilities and their families; 3) identify advocates and self-advocates at tribal, state and federal levels about the needs of Indians with disabilities; 4) facilitate communication, between and among practitioners on issues of concern to Indians with disabilities at tribal, state and national levels and 5) encourage discourse on issues of relevance to tribal leadership, Indian Governance and Indian Self-Determination as they relate to services for Indians with disabilities and their families. The field of disability cuts across a broad range of disciplines. The authors hope, through the identification and documentation of individuals and agencies concerned with disabilities in Native American communities, they will facilitate communication between and among those individuals and agencies, and create bridges that would ultimately lead to improved services to one of the least served populations.

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