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This study provides basic statistical information on cancer rates for American Indians in the United States. The tables and charts graphically show and describe the administrative, or area, divisions of the IHS, the estimated service population for each area, and mortality from 1984-1988 for malignant neoplasms. Regional differences were examined and comparisons made to the general US population where appropriate. In addition, this publication also includes some cancer mortality trends from 1968 to 1987 for American Indians in selected sites. This publication provides detailed information about the impact of cancer on Native American people. Cancer mortality data for each cancer site and for each IHS Area was examined in the same manner and the same period, making Area comparisons easy and reliable. This publication had been designed to help determine Regional, Area, or Tribal priorities in cancer prevention programs. The IHS goal is to elevate the health status of American Indians and Alaska Natives to the highest possible level. This publications illustrates the need for American Indian and Alaska Natives to define their health needs, set priorities for their local areas, and manage and control their health programs.

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Indian Health Service, Cancer Prevention and Control Program, Albuquerque, New Mexico