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Medicaid is an important source of revenue for Native American health facilities. In fiscal year 1997, the Indian Health Service (IHS) and tribally operated facilities were projected to receive $184.3 million in Medicaid reimbursements. This amount is equal to about 10 percent of the $1.8 billion appropriated for IHS and tribally-provided health services that year. This Policy Brief provides an overview of Medicaid from the standpoint of Native Americans with an emphasis on Medicaid as an insurance program and a purchaser of managed care. This Brief supplements other Policy Briefs and background materials on Medicaid issued by The Kaiser Commission on the Future of Medicaid. It incorporates changes to Medicaid made by the Balanced Budget Act of 1997. This Policy Brief focuses on those federal policies common to all state Medicaid programs and does not review the details of any particular state program.Because Medicaid is administered by states with broad federal guidelines, Medicaid programs vary significantly from state to state with respect to benefits, eligibility, provider payment, and administration. The information contained in this Policy Brief is the starting point for understanding the Medicaid program in any particular state.

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