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This guidebook is a resource for health care providers who seek training in the areas of intimate partner violence and sexual assault. The authors describe 36 sets of training materials designed to show health care providers how to treat cases of domestic violence and sexual assault. The materials described include manuals, videos, scripted lectures with slides, information packets and handbooks. Most of these materials can be used for individual study or as part of the curriculum for staff training by a health care organization (e.g. hospital). Although designed particularly for health care providers, many of these training materials have information suitable for anyone who wishes to learn about domestic violence and sexual assault against women. The authors suggest that health care providers start their training with some of the materials described in this guidebook. Although many of the guidebook's resources do not provide comprehensive training, most are a good introduction to handling cases of intimate partner violence in a positive way.

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Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Center for Injury Prevention and Control