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This is a comprehensive report of a seven-month study contracted through the State Division of Mental Health to the University of New Mexico, Department of Psychiatry/Center on Alcoholism, Substance Abuse and Addictions (CASAA). A select committee of representatives from New Mexico tribes, appropriate state and federal agencies, private entities, and consumers provided input for the project. The final plan is based on the collection and triangulation of a variety of sources. The primary sources utilized in this document included: 1) literature review; 2) indirect measure of the magnitude of alcohol, drug abuse, and mental health needs using selected measures from current census data; 3) extensive survey of current agencies providing services; 4) clinical programming survey to select from optional mental health care delivery system models and a prioritization of services needed; 5) ideas, visions, suggestions and recommendations of selected committees; and 6) private interviews and focus group discussions with tribal members, service workers, and tribal leaders. The plan provides information on: 1) epidemiology of mental health problems; 2) programmatic issues for mental health services; 3) needs assessment studies and findings; 4) system and program design; 5) program development and management; 6) physical plant requirements; 7) management information system; and 8) ten-year implementation process. Based on the findings of this planning effort, a system of comprehensive mental health care for American Indians was proposed. This continuum of care extends from the tribal communities, to regional centers of care, and to a centralized facility.

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University of New Mexico, Department of Psychiatry, Center on Alcoholism, Substance Abuse, and Addictions, Albuquerque, New Mexico