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This volume is a compendium of scholarly analyses of the health conditions that together constitute most of the illness borne by American Indians and Alaska Natives. Topics include; health intervention; cancer; cardiovascular diseases; diabetes; digestive system diseases; infant mortality; infectious diseases; maternal health; mental health and mental illness; musculosketetal system disease; oral disease; end-stage renal disease; respiratory diseases; violence; substance abuse; and accidental injuries. This publication was developed in 1986 and although, the data are several years old, much of the analyses and recommendations are still relevant today. It also serves as an important historical or reference document for the Indian Health Service. Each analysis provides an overview of a particular health condition as it affects the IHS service population nationwide and suggests, recommendations regarding the steps that IHS can take to reduce and eventually eliminate the described health problems.

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Indian Health Service, Staff Office of Planning, Evaluation and Research, Rockville, MD.