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This report provides a description of a needs assessment contracted between the Mashantucket Pequot Tribe and the Indian Health Service (IHS) in February 1984. The assessment includes Mashantucket Pequot Indians and other federally recognized tribal members in New London and other surrounding counties in the State of Connecticut. The assessment included the following: 1) an intake form of the health status of Mashantucket Pequot Indians and other federally recognized tribal members (the form focused on maternal and child health, immunization, nutrition, alcoholism, accident control, and the special needs of the handicapped and the elderly); 2) an inventory of existing health care providers and their assessment of the health needs of the tribal members; 3) an estimate of third-party financial resources which are available to Mashantucket Pequot Indians and other recognized tribal members; and 4) the preparation of a health system development, implementation, and operation plan covering referral and contract health services, and the most efficient means for delivering primary medical and dental care.A questionnaire was designed and interviews were conducted during the period from February 19, 1984 through September 15, 1984. The final questionnaire contained 108 questions. The questionnaire covered 15 general categories of information including population, medical history, family history, health care provider services currently used, obstetrics and gynecology, male-related diseases, work-related diseases, handicapped information, health insurance information, and others. A total of 509 American Indians responded to the questionnaire. Each form was filled out by household. Additional forms were filled out and cross-referenced for household members 18 years of age and older. The questionnaire was designed to be completed by a trained member of the Mashantucket Pequot Indian Health Department's outreach staff. The outreach staff were trained in interview techniques. Also, a health care provider needs assessment was conducted within the general needs assessment. This element was included in order to gain insight into the health needs of American Indians in Connecticut from the perspective of the care provider. The Mashantucket Pequot Health Department sent an interview questionnaire to physicians in New London County, and to all other physicians in Connecticut whose names appeared on the household or individual forms. Twenty-five physicians responded, answering questions relating to substantive categories of health care needs and to questions concerning the administration of the provision of health care.There were 288 households that participated in the assessment interviews. Of the respondents, 157 were head of household, and 130 were not. There were 24 Mashantucket households, 41 Passamaquoddy, 33 Penobscot (in-county), 89 Penobscot (out-of-county), and 99 Others (federally recognized tribes). Nearly 89% of school-age children as reported were less than 13 years of age. This corresponds to other reports of rapid growth among Indian populations in Connecticut. The survey population demonstrate an 88% utilization of physician services for a one-year period. This indicates that the demand for health care services is high. The survey also showed a strong interest in employment and housing. This indicates that other basic factors in good health maintenance were lacking among the American Indian populations in Connecticut at the time of the survey.None available.

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Indian Health Service, Staff Office of Planning, Evaluation, and Research, Rockville, MD 20857 (E-108).