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Colorado Utes Water Settlement


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Southern Ute Indian Reservation, Ute Mountain Indian Reservation




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Settlement Agreement: The Colorado Ute Indian Water Rights Final Settlement Agreement (Dec. 10, 1986) The Ute Mountain Tribe is entitled to: water from the Dolores Project for municipal/industrial, irrigation and fish/wildlife purposes & development with a priority date of 1868. Repayment of construction costs allocable to irrigation purposes shall be deferred; water from the Animas-La Plata Project for municipal/ industrial and for irrigation with a priority date of 1868; water from the Mancos River for irrigation; water from the Navajo Wash for irrigation; and water from the San Juan River. The Southern Ute Tribe is entitled to: water from the Animas-La Plata Project for municipal/industrial/irrigation with priority date of 1868. Irrigation allocations will share shortages on a pro rata basis. Ridges Basin Reservoir, now Lake Nighthorse will be built by Reclamation; water from the Pine River with a priority date of 1868 and a one-sixth interest in Vallecito Reservoir; water from the Florida Water Conservancy District, the Pargin Reservoir, the Stollsteimer Creek, the Piedra River, the Devil Creek, the San Juan River, the Round Meadow Creek and the Cat Creek; groundwater from the McElmo Creek drainage area from domestic and livestock wells. Administration will be conducted by the Tribes and the State. Leasing of tribal rights off-reservation is allowed with some restrictions. The finality of the agreement is subject to certain state, federal and judicial actions. Signatories: Colorado, Ute Mountain Ute Indian Tribe, Southern Ute Indian Tribe, US Dept. of Interior, US Dept. of Justice, Animas ­ La Plata Water Conservancy District, Dolores Water Conservancy District, Florida Water Conservancy District, Mancos Water Conservancy District, Southwestern Water Conservation District, City of Durango, Town of Pagosa Springs, Florida Farmers Ditch Company, Florida Canal Company, Fairfield Communities, Inc.


Settlement of Ute Mountain Ute Tribe, Southern Ute Tribe, USA, CO, various municipalities and private interests: 89 pages.

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