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In Re the General Adjudication of All Rights to Use Water in the Gila River System and Source, Nos. W1, W2, W3, W4 (Consolidated), Superior Court, Maricopa County, Az.

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Settlement: Fort McDowell Indian Community Water Settlement (Jan. 15, 1993) Parties: Fort McDowell Indian Community, Yavapai Nation, Arizona, US, Salt River Valley Water Users Association, Salt River Project Agricultural Improvement and Power District, Roosevelt Water Conservation District, Chandler, Glendale, Mesa, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, Gilbert, and Central AZ Water Conservation District. Overall plan is to find enough water to irrigate 4,000 acres with a duty of 4.5 a/f/y and support 18,350 acres with a duty of 1 a/f/y. of urban development. With an exception for the Verde River Spill Water, total diversion (all from above Granite Reef Dam) is limited to 36,350 a/f/y. Diversions by Phoenix will not count against this total. 7,060 a/f/y will be controlled by the Kent, 6,730 a/f/y (delivered at 50 percent normal cost and phased in over five years) by the Salt River Project Agricultural Improvement and Power District, 3,200 a/f/y by the Roosevelt Water Conservation District, 4,300 a/f/y from the Central AZ Project, and 13,933 a/f/y from the Harquahala Irrigation District. In times of shortage, water will be released from Verde River reservoirs to first satisfy the Kent, and then those rights of the Tribe and Phoenix. The Tribe's maximum diversion right is slightly greater than its entitlement to agreed-upon returns. Tribe shall file its water usage report annually with the Gila River Adjudication. Tribe receives 3,000 a/f of storage space behind Bartlett and Horseshoe dams for more effective use of Kent waters. 6,730 a/f of Salt River Project stored water is available for a specific area. Tribe waives all other water within and without boundaries of reservation. Tribe shall lease 4,300 a/f to Phoenix for 99 years starting Jan. 1, 2001. It's estimated that USA will pay $36M, AZ $2M, Phoenix $5M and the Tribe $1M. [Source:]


170 pages in addition to the 50-page "confidential" water Settlement between the USA, Arizona, Tribe, conservation districts and various municipalities.

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