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Navajo Nation files lawsuit over Urban Outfitters clothing line


Navajo Nation files lawsuit over Urban Outfitters clothing line

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The Navajo Nation filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court for the District of New Mexico in February against Urban Outfitters of the use of the Navajo name on clothing. The Navajo Nation cited trademark violations and unfair competition in the use of the Navajo name and trademark of its popular clothing and fashion items. Some of the controversial items in the Navajo line included panties and a liquor flask. The Urban Outfitters' ""Navajo"" line controversy began with an open letter to Glen Senk, CEO of Urban Outfitters., by Sasha Houston Brown of the Dakota/Santee Sioux Nation, in the blog Racialicious back on October 2011. Brown criticized the company for its ""cultural appropriation"" of the Navajo name all in the name of fashion. While the controversy has made headlines since last fall, many students and staff throughout the University of New Mexico campus weren't fully aware of the issue. Dawn of Nations Today reporters, Mandy G. Hernandez and Alicia Frank Haviland, spoke with Ben Begaye who is a 35-year-old facilities manager for the University's Student Union Building, Malory Johnson who is a 24-year-old senior majoring in environmental science, Sheridan Thompson who is a 21-year-old junior majoring in psychology and pre-med, Sarah Vangorden who is a 20-year-old pre-med junior, Richard Gambino who is a 55-year-old math instructor and Anastacia Pegues who is a 19-year-old freshman majoring in mechanical engineering.


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Navajo Nation files lawsuit over Urban Outfitters clothing line