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Through the development and evaluation of the Museum Professionals’ Experiences Survey, this research blends Museum Studies and Organizational Behavior to understand managers’ perceptions regarding employee motivation, key drivers of motivation, trends in professional experiences’, and the different experiences of management and non-management personnel in the context of museum workplaces. With responses from 276 museum professionals in the United States, the application of this knowledge can be used to develop a workplace climate that encourages job satisfaction, high performance, and organizational commitment, and thus more positive outcomes for the museum. Recent controversies and public testimonies are evidence of negative professional experiences in museums. By applying survey results to the organizing framework, the source of these issues can be identified, and actionable solutions can be recommended. There has never been a more appropriate time for museums to turn their evaluation skills inward to address the issues affecting employees.



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Museum Studies

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Dr. Lisa Marchiondo

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museums, management, survey, organizational behavior, motivation