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The avifauna of the southern Pacific lowlands of Guatemala was studied in conjunction with research on the ecology of mosquito-transmitted encephalitis viruses during the years 1967 to 1977. Studies were carried out in the vicinity of La Avellana, Santa Rosa Department, near the coastal village of Monterico. The occurrence and relative abundance of 224 species are documented here; 198 of those species are represented by specimens. Thirteen species were recorded for the first time in Guatemala, and 28 species for the first time in the Pacific lowlands. Relative abundance and dates of occurrence are presented for 85 species of migrants. The probable status of 78 additional species, which were listed by previous authors but not observed during this study, is discussed. Taxonomic comments are made on many species, especially when names used vary from current literature; several populations are recharacterized. Icterus gularis is revised.

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Special Publication Museum of Southwestern Biology 7