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Spring 3-2009


There is beginning for anything; we used to hear that phrase. The same wisdom word applies to us too. What began in 2005 as a short email on some ideas related to interpretation of the Wave Mechanics results in a number of papers and books up to now. Some of these papers can be found in Progress in Physics or elsewhere. It is often recognized that when a mathematician meets a physics-inclined mind then the result is either a series of endless debates or publication. In our story, we prefer to publish rather than perish. Therefore, our purpose with this book is to present a selection of published papers in a compilation which enable the readers to find some coherent ideas which appear in those articles. For this reason, the ordering of the papers here is based on categories of ideas. While some of these articles have been published in book format elsewhere, we hope that reading this book will give the readers an impression of the progress of our thoughts. A few other papers are not yet published elsewhere, or being planned to publish in other journal. We wish to extend our sincere gratitude to plenty of colleagues, friends and relatives all around the world for sharing their ideas, insightful discussions etc. Special thanks to D. Rabounski, S. Crothers, L. Borissova for their great service in Progress in Physics journal. One of these authors (VC) would like to thank to Profs. A. Yefremov and M. Fil’chenkov for all hospitality extended to him in the Institute of Gravitation and Cosmology of PFUR, where this book is prepared. Discussions with Prof. V.V. Kassandrov, Prof. V. Ivashchuk, & Prof. Yu P. Rybakov are appreciated. Many thanks also to Dr. S. Trihandaru and others from UKSW, Central Java,Indonesia. Sincere thanks to good friends in PFUR, especially to D. Kermite, Y. Umniyati, Anastasia Golubtsova & Serguey– all other friends are of course worth mentioning here, but the margin of this book is quite limited to mention all of you. And to all other scientist colleagues, allow us to say: Full speed ahead!

FS & VC, March 2009


Kogaion Editions, Romania



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wave mechanics, quantum physics, Neutrosophic Logic, astrophysics quantization, astrophysics

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