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This paper introduces readers to a new approach to dialectical logic: neutrosophy. Specifically it proposes a multi-valued logic in which the statement “both A and Non-A,” historically rejected as logically incoherent, is treated as meaningful. This unity of opposites constitutes both the objective world and the subjective world –a view with deep roots in Buddhism and Daoism, including the I-Ching. This leads in turn to the presentation of a framework for the development of a contradiction oriented learning philosophy inspired by the Later Trigrams of King Wen in the I-Ching. We show that although A and Non-A are logically inconsistent, they can be understood to be philosophically consistent. Indeed, recognition of their consistency is the basis for freeing ourselves from the mental confusion which results from taking as real what are in fact just mental impressions.

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Proceedings of the First International Conference on Neutrosophy Logic, Neutrosophy Set, Neutrosophy Probability and Statistics

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neutrosophy, daoism, I-Ching, dialectics, neutrosophic logic

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