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An ALBUM, according to the dictionary, is defined as "notebook for storing photos, postcards, stamps, lyrics, quotes etc.", which, in other words, means gatherings of "pieces" of the same "species". Or, in the new Techno-Art of Selariu SuperMathematics Functions ALBUM (the second book of Selariu SuperMathematics Functions), one contemplates a unique COMPOSITION, INTER-, INTRA- and TRANS-DISCIPLINARY. (Capitalizing here is not a futility, but a harmony with the TRUTH.) One caveat I am indebted to do, as a consequent "reader" – over time, I received the ALBUM, chapter by chapter, pace by pace, which gave me the time to analyze / deepen all its details: as MUSIC, between the fine arts, distinguishes itself, the same way, among multiple albums, the present ALBUM is absolutely singular! In understanding music, it is said that there are – it is obviously about the GREAT MUSIC, of CULT/ SYMPHONIC origin – three stages to scour:  nebulous-emotional (predominantly sensory perception);  lucid-intellectual (with emphasis on detection of a "literary support");  emotional-intellectual (perception both by feeling and reason). The parallelism cited in the previous paragraph shall be maintained, so that, by browsing – only! – the ALBUM pages (in order or randomly), you feel induced by the sensation of pleasure, of love at first sight; the variety of "exhibits", most of them unusual, the elegance, the symmetry of the layout, the chromatic, and so one, delight the eye, but equally incites to catchy intellectual exploration.


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SuperMathematics, Selariu function

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