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In this album we include the so called Super-Mathematics functions (SMF), which constitute the base for, most often, generating, technical, neo-geometrical objects, therefore less artistic. These functions are the results of 38 years of research, which began at University of Stuttgart in 1969. Since then, 42 related works have been published, written by over 19 authors, as shown in the References. The name was given by the regretted mathematician Professor Emeritus Doctor Engineer Gheorghe Silas who, at the presentation of the very first work in this domain, during the First National Conference of Vibrations in Machine Constructions, Timişoara, Romania, 1978, named CIRCULAR EX-CENTRIC FUNCTIONS, declared: “Young man, you just discovered not only “some functions, but a new mathematics, a supermathematics!” I was glad, at my age of 40, like a teenager. And I proudly found that he might be right! The prefix super is justified today, to point out the birth of the new complements in mathematics, joined together under the name of Ex-centric Mathematics (EM), with much more important and infinitely more numerous entities than the existing ones in the actual mathematics, which we are obliged to call it Centric Mathematics (CM.)


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