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In a recent paper published in JCMNS in 2017, Francesco Celani, Di Tommaso & Vassalo argued that Maxwell equations rewritten in Clifford algebra are sufficient to describe the electron and also ultra-dense deuterium reaction process proposed by Homlid et al. Apparently, Celani et al. believed that their Maxwell-Clifford equations are an excellent candidate to surpass both Classical Electromagnetic and Zitterbewegung QM. Meanwhile, in a series of papers, Bo Lehnert proposed a novel and revised version of Quantum Electrodynamics (RQED) based on Proca equations. Therefore, in this paper, we gave an outline of Lehnert’s RQED, as an alternative framework to Celani et al. Zitterbewegung-Classical EM. Moreover, in a rather old paper, Mario Liu described hydrodynamic Maxwell equations. While he also discussed potential implications of these new approaches to superconductors, such a discussion of electrodynamics of superconductors is made only after Tajmar’s paper. Therefore, in this paper we present for the first time a derivation of fluidic Maxwell-Proca equations. The name of fluidic Maxwell-Proca is proposed because the equations were based on modifying Maxwell-Proca and Hirsch’s theory of electrodynamics of superconductors. It is hoped that this paper may stimulate further investigations and experiments in superconductors. It may be expected to have some impact to cosmology modeling too, for instance we consider a hypothetical argument that the photon mass can be the origin of gravitation. Then, after combining with the so-called chiral modification of Maxwell equations (after Spröessig), we consider chiral Maxwell-Proca equations as a possible alternative of gravitation theory. Such a hypothesis has never considered in the literature to the best of our knowledge. In the last section, we discuss the plausible role of chiral Maxwell-Proca (RQED) in CMNS process. It is hoped that this paper may stimulate further investigations and experiments in particular for elucidating the physics of LENR and UDD reaction from classical electromagnetics.


International Society of Condensed Matter Nuclear Science

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JCMNS, vol. 31, February 2020



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Maxwell equations, Proca equations, LENR, Revised QED, Hirsch theory, London equations, hydrodynamics Maxwell equations, Proca equations, electrodynamics of superconductor, chiral medium, chiral gravitation theory

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