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The new classes of super special codes are constructed in this book using the specially constructed super special vector spaces. These codes mainly use the super matrices. These codes can be realized as a special type of concatenated codes. This book has four chapters. In chapter one basic properties of codes and super matrices are given. A new type of super special vector space is constructed in chapter two of this book. Three new classes of super special codes namely, super special row code, super special column code and super special codes are introduced in chapter three. Applications of these codes are given in the final chapter. These codes will be useful in cryptography, when ARQ protocols are impossible or very costly, in scientific experiments where stage by stage recording of the results are needed, can be used in bulk transmission of information and in medical fields. The reader should be familiar with both coding theory and in super linear algebras and super matrices.


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super special codes, super special vector spaces, matrices, Neutrosophic Logic

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