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The present book aims to present some improved estimators using auxiliary and attribute information in case of simple random sampling and stratified random sampling and in some cases when non-response is present. This volume is a collection of five papers, written by seven co-authors (listed in the order of the papers): Sachin Malik, Rajesh Singh, Florentin Smarandache, B. B. Khare, P. S. Jha, Usha Srivastava and Habib Ur. Rehman. The first and the second papers deal with the problem of estimating the finite population mean when some information on two auxiliary attributes are available. In the third paper, problems related to estimation of ratio and product of two population mean using auxiliary characters with special reference to non-response are discussed. In the fourth paper, the use of coefficient of variation and shape parameters in each stratum, the problem of estimation of population mean has been considered. In the fifth paper, a study of improved chain ratio-cum-regression type estimator for population mean in the presence of non-response for fixed cost and specified precision has been made. The authors hope that the book will be helpful for the researchers and students that are working in the field of sampling techniques.


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improved estimators, stratified random sampling, auxiliary attributes

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