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This volume is a collection of six papers on the use of auxiliary information and a priori values in construction of improved estimators. The work included here will be of immense application for researchers and students who employ auxiliary information in any form. Below we discuss each paper: 1. Ratio estimators in simple random sampling using information on auxiliary attribute. Prior knowledge about population mean along with coefficient of variation of the population of an auxiliary variable is known to be very useful particularly when the ratio, product and regression estimators are used for estimation of population mean of a variable of interest. However, the fact that the known population proportion of an attribute also provides similar type of information has not drawn as much attention. In fact, such prior knowledge can also be very useful when a relation between the presence (or absence) of an attribute and the value of a variable, known as point biserial correlation, is observed. Taking into consideration the point biserial correlation between a variable and an attribute, Naik and Gupta (1996) defined ratio, product and regression estimators of population mean when the prior information of population proportion of units, possessing the same attribute is available. In the present paper, some ratio estimators for estimating the population mean of the variable under study, which make use of information regarding the population proportion possessing certain attribute are proposed. The expressions of bias and mean squared error (MSE) have been obtained. The results obtained have been illustrated numerically by taking some empirical populations considered in the literature.


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auxiliary information, improved estimators

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