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In this book for the first time authors study mod planes using modulo intervals [0, m); 2 ≤ m ≤ ∞. These planes unlike the real plane have only one quadrant so the study is carried out in a compact space but infinite in dimension. We have given seven mod planes viz real mod planes (mod real plane) finite complex mod plane, neutrosophic mod plane, fuzzy mod plane, (or mod fuzzy plane), mod dual number plane, mod special dual like number plane and mod special quasi dual number plane. These mod planes unlike real plane or complex plane or neutrosophic plane or dual number plane or special dual like number plane or special quasi dual number plane are infinite in numbers. Further for the first time we give a plane structure to the fuzzy product set [0, 1) × [0, 1); where 1 is not included; this is defined as the mod fuzzy plane. Several properties are derived.


EuropaNova, Brussels



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mod planes, fuzzy mod planes, neutrosophic mod planes

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