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This book is a continuation of the book, "Elementary fuzzy matrix and fuzzy models for socio-scientists" by the same authors. This book is a little advanced because we introduce a multi-expert fuzzy and neutrosophic models. It mainly tries to help social scientists to analyze any problem in which they need multi-expert systems with multi-models. To cater to this need, we have introduced new classes of fuzzy and neutrosophic special matrices. The first chapter is essentially spent on introducing the new notion of different types of special fuzzy and neutrosophic matrices, and the simple operations on them which are needed in the working of these multi expert models. In the second chapter, new set of multi expert models are introduced; these special fuzzy models and special fuzzy neutrosophic models that can cater to adopt any number of experts. The working of the model is also explained by illustrative examples. However, these special fuzzy models can also be used by applied mathematicians to study social and psychological problems. These models can also be used by doctors, engineers, scientists and statisticians. The SFCM, SMFCM, SNCM, SMNCM, SFRM, SNRM, SMFRM, SMNRM, SFNCMs, SFNRMs, etc. can give the special hidden pattern for any given special input vector.


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matrices, fuzzy matrices, neutrosophic logic

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