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In this book, authors give the notion of different neutrosophic models like, neutrosophic cognitive maps (NCMs), neutrosophic relational maps (NEMs), neutrosophic relational equations (NREs), neutrosophic bidirectional associative memories (NBAMs) and neutrosophic associative memories (NAMs) for socio scientists. This book has six chapters. The first chapter introduces the basic concepts of neutrosophic numbers and notions about neutrosophic graphs which are essential to construct these neutrosophic models. In chapter two we describe the concept of neutrosophic matrices and the essential operations related with them which are used in the study and working of these neutrosophic models. However the reader must be familiar with the notions of Fuzzy Cognitive Maps (FCMs) model, Fuzzy Relational Maps (FRMs) model, Fuzzy Relational Equations (FREs), Fuzzy Associative Memories (FAMs) and Bidirectional Associative Memories (BAMs) to follow this book without any difficulty. In chapter three we introduce the notion of Neutrosophic Cognitive Maps (NCMs) model and Neutrosophic Relational Maps (NRMs) model. Definitions and examples of this concept are given.


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neutrosophic model, fuzzy neutrosophic model, neutrosophic cognitive maps

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