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In this book authors study neutrosophic super matrices. The concept of neutrosophy or indeterminacy happens to be one the powerful tools used in applications like FCMs and NCMs where the expert seeks for a neutral solution. Thus this concept has lots of applications in fuzzy neutrosophic models like NRE, NAM etc. These concepts will also find applications in image processing where the expert seeks for a neutral solution. Here we introduce neutrosophic super matrices and show that the sum or product of two neutrosophic matrices is not in general a neutrosophic super matrix. Another interesting feature of this book is that we introduce a new class of matrices called quasi super matrices; these matrices are the larger class which contains the class of super matrices. These class of matrices lead to more partition of n × m matrices where n > 1 and m > 1, where m and n can also be equal. Thus this concept cannot be defined on usual row matrices or column matrices. These matrices will play a major role when studying a problem which needs multi fuzzy neutrosophic models.


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matrices, super matrices, neutrosophic super matrices

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