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In this book for the first time authors introduce the concept of merged lattice, which gives a lattice or a graph. The resultant lattice or graph is defined as the pseudo lattice graph of type I. Here we also merge a graph with a lattice or two or more graphs which call as the pseudo lattice graph of type II. We merge either edges or vertices or both of a lattice and a graph or a lattice and a lattice or graph with itself. Such study is innovative and these mergings are adopted on all fuzzy and neutrosophic models which work on graphs. The fuzzy models which work on graphs are FCMs, NCMs, FRMs, NRMs, NREs and FREs. This technique of merging FCMs or other fuzzy models is very advantageous for they save time and economy. Moreover each and every expert who works on the problems is given equal importance.


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merged lattice, pseudo lattice graph, graph theory, neutrosophic logic

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