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In this book authors study and analyze the problem of school dropouts and their life after. The problems can by no means be analyzed by collecting the numerical data. For such data can only serve as information beyond that the data can be of no use, for the school dropouts suffer an environment change after becoming a school dropout. Thus the emotions of the school dropout; is technically involved. A school dropout can be a child labourer, a rag picker or a social miscreant or be in police custody or be in a rehabilitation home if he/she is a runaway. The story is entirely different if the child is a school dropout due to abduction. In the case of female children the problem is more serious for they are sexually exploited and in most cases they land up in brothels as prostitutes. Thus their life after is a complete misery for these children not only have been denied the right to enjoy their childhood but from a very young age they are sexually exploited and invariably the majority of them become victims of sexually transmitted disease or suffer from cervical cancer or suffer from AIDS/HIV with no one to take care of them. Majority of these children die as orphans. Who is responsible for all these? Who is going to take up their issue? The question has no answer and the life after for these female children is a misery. The school dropout of female children due to child marriage is entirely another issue, for in most cases they are married to men four times their age. They suffer a very different type of orthodoxy associated with Indian culture and heritage. All this is seconded by Laws of Manu for a women is only an object so without any objection they can do anything to it. That is why the popular daily, The Times of India reports “27% spike in procurement of minor girls”. So they have once again justified women are just objects sold or thrown away for their convenience. This book does not study the female dropout and their life after.


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school dropout, neutrosophic logic, fuzzy analysis

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