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The advantage of using super interval matrices is that one can build only one vector space using m × n interval matrices, but in case of super interval matrices we can have several such spaces depending on the partition on the interval matrix.

This book has seven chapters. Chapter one is introductory in nature, just introducing the super interval matrices or interval super matrices. In chapter two essential operations on super interval matrices are defined. Further in this chapter algebraic structures are defined on these super interval matrices using these operation. Using these super interval matrices semirings and semivector spaces are defined in chapter three. This chapter gives around 90 examples. In chapter four two types of super interval semilinear algebras are introduced. Super fuzzy interval matrices are introduced in chapter five. This chapter has two sections, in section one super fuzzy interval matrices are introduced using the fuzzy interval [0, 1]. In section two special fuzzy linear algebras using super fuzzy interval matrices are defined and described.


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super interval matrices, interval matrix, neutrosophic logic

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