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In this book the authors introduce a new product on matrices called the natural product. ...

Thus by introducing natural product we can find the product of column matrices and product of two rectangular matrices of same order. Further this product is more natural which is just identical with addition replaced by multiplication on these matrices. Another fact about natural product is this enables the product of any two super matrices of same order and with same type of partition. We see on supermatrices products cannot be defined easily which prevents from having any nice algebraic structure on the collection of super matrices of same type. This book has eight chapters. The first chapter is introductory in nature. Polynomials with matrix coefficients are introduced in chapter two. Algebraic structures on these polynomials with matrix coefficients is defined and described in chapter three. Chapter four introduces natural product on matrices. Natural product on super matrices is introduced in chapter five. Super matrix linear algebra is introduced in chapter six. Chapter seven claims only after this notion becomes popular we can find interesting applications of them. The final chapter suggests over 100 problems some of which are at research level. We thank Dr. K.Kandasamy for proof reading and being extremely supportive.


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natural product, column matrices, neutrosophic logic

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