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This book introduces the concept of neutrosophic bilinear algebras and their generalizations to n-linear algebras, n>2. This book has five chapters. The reader should be well-versed with the notions of linear algebras as well as the concepts of bilinear algebras and n- linear algebras. Further the reader is expected to know about neutrosophic algebraic structures as we have not given any detailed literature about it. The first chapter is introductory in nature and gives a few essential definitions and references for the reader to make use of the literature in case the reader is not thorough with the basics. The second chapter deals with different types of neutrosophic bilinear algebras and bivector spaces and proves several results analogous to linear bialgebra. In chapter three the authors introduce the notion of n-linear algebras and prove several theorems related to them. Many of the classical theorems for neutrosophic algebras are proved with appropriate modifications. Chapter four indicates the probable applications of these algebraic structures. The final chapter suggests about 80 innovative problems for the reader to solve.


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neutrosophic bilinear algebras, neutrosophic logic

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