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In this book we define the new notion of neutrosophic rings. The motivation for this study is two-fold. Firstly, the classes of neutrosophic rings defined in this book are generalization of the two well-known classes of rings: group rings and semigroup rings. The study of these generalized neutrosophic rings will give more results for researchers interested in group rings and semigroup rings. Secondly, the notion of neutrosophic polynomial rings will cause a paradigm shift in the general polynomial rings. This study has to make several changes in case of neutrosophic polynomial rings. This would give solutions to polynomial equations for which the roots can be indeterminates. Further, the notion of neutrosophic matrix rings is defined in this book. Already these neutrosophic matrixes have been applied and used in the neutrosophic models like neutrosophic cognitive maps (NCMs), neutrosophic relational maps (NRMs) and so on. This book has four chapters. Chapter one is introductory in nature, for it recalls some basic definitions essential to make the book a self-contained one. Chapter two, introduces for the first time the new notion of neutrosophic rings and some special neutrosophic rings like neutrosophic ring of matrix and neutrosophic polynomial rings. Chapter three gives some new classes of neutrosophic rings like group neutrosophic rings, neutrosophic group neutrosophic rings, semigroup neutrosophic rings, S-semigroup neutrosophic rings which can be realized as a type of extension of group rings or generalization of group rings. Study of these structures will throw light on the research on the algebraic structure of group rings.


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neutrosophic logic, neutrosophic rings

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