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In this book authors study special type of subset vertex multi subgraphs; these multi subgraphs can be directed or otherwise. Another special feature of these subset vertex multigraphs is that we are aware of the elements in each vertex set and how it affects the structure of both subset vertex multisubgraphs and edge multisubgraphs. It is pertinent to record at this juncture that certain ego centric directed multistar graphs become empty on the removal of one edge, there by theorising the importance, and giving certain postulates how to safely form ego centric multi networks. Given any subset vertex multigraph we are not always guaranteed of getting the special subset vertex multisubgraphs. However, if we have subset vertex multigraphs which has special subset vertex multisubgraphs then we can have corresponding to them multinet works, these multi networks are fault tolerant networks, hence the study of these special type of multisubgraphs has become mandatory.


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subgraph, multisubgraph, vertex, graph theory, neutrosophic logic

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