Allometry is a standard method of determining biomass and Net Primary Production of many trees. One of the standard variables used in such allometric regressions is bole diameter. On straight trunk trees measurements at breast height (DBH) taken using a DBH tape is adequate for quantifying changes in diameter over time. However, in scrub forests such as the Pinon Juniper PJ woodlands, common on the Sevilleta, both the pinon and particularly the junipers are relatively short and multi-trunked so that measurements must be taken near the ground and the consistency between measurements often lead to erroneous growth analysis. To reduce such discrepancy in readings, dendrometer bands were installed on 20 pinons and 20 junipers in the Cerro Montoso area where understory ANPP has been measured for some time. These dendrometers quantify the expansion (and contraction) of the tree bole through time. The beginning diameter at the time of installation was also measured and recorded. Heights of the 40 trees were also measured. The diameter of the foliage was measured across these trees at the widest point and then again on an axis perpendicular to this first reading. Readings of the dendrometers are repeated on about a monthly basis through the growing season. Heights of the trees are done on an annual basis. Measurements are collected to quantify the increase in bole diameter for a set of Pinons and Junipers in this area over time.


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2006-04-04 - 2009-09-28

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Location: Trees with dendrometers are located in or near the 1 ha plot established by Roman Zlotin in 1998. This 1 ha plot was established to quantify berry and mast production (SEV163) and is just west of the Cerro Montosa meteorological station, siteid: 31



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