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Spring 2-17-1964


This writer first became interested in the 1933 revolution in Cuba during lectures given in May, 1963 at the University of New Mexico. As part of these lectures an interesting theory was presented regarding the Communist "takeover" of Cuba. Briefly, this theory holds that behind every successful Communist revolution (Russia, China, Cuba, for examples) there has been an earlier attempt at social revolution which failed. In the case of Cuba, this would be the revolution of 1933, and especially the reformist provisional government of Dr. Ramón Grau San Martín.

The entire process of the 1933 Cuban revolution calls for an intense, detailed study that is far outside the competence of a Master's thesis. Consequently, it was decided that the scope of this thesis should be limited to a political analysis of the official mediation negotiations of Ambassador Sumner Welles (May to September, 1933) and their importance for both Cuba and the United States




Sumner Welles, 1933 Cuban Revolution, Pan-Americanism, Cuba, Platt Amendment, Mediation

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Latin American Studies

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Latin American Studies

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