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Fall 12-3-2019


Serial verb constructions (SVCs) are multiple verbs forming a single predicate in a single clause (Aikhenvald 2006a, 2018). Serial verbs do not exhibit syntactic dependency between the verbs. Each of these verbs must occur on its own. The verb ‘take’ is one of the common verbs that occur in SVCs, and it tends to grammaticalize following numerous different paths. Yet, there are no studies with a considerable sample of ‘take’ SVCs. Moreover, the polysemy of ‘take’ SVCs has not been explored in detail. Based on Aikhenvald (2018)’s functional framework, the present study aims to examine ‘take’ SVCs in 45 languages from 17 language families over four macro geographic areas. The findings reveal a variation of the composition, semantics, and morphosyntactic features of ‘take’ SVCs wider than previously documented, focusing on their rich polysemy. Furthermore, this variation is looked at from a diachronic perspective as well as a contact-induced approach.




serial verb constructions, typology, take, case marker, grammaticalization, polysemy

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Department of Linguistics

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Dr. Rosa Vallejos Yopan

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