Steven J. Koch

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A virtual machine definition and virtual disk image is provided to facilitate reproduction of the work presented in the publication “PeptideBuilder: A simple Python library to generate model peptides” [1]. The virtual machine is built from a 32-bit Ubuntu 12.04 LTS operating system and added packages, biopython, pymol, and git, as well as the published code for PeptideBuilder. The virtual machine is intended to capture the state of the PeptideBuilder code and dependencies close to the time of the original publication, and thus enable reproduction of the work of Tien et al. To run the virtual machine, a VirtualBox platform package suitable for the host machine must be installed. On the desktop of the virtual machine are text files describing the machine and initial steps for reproduction of the Tien et al. work [2]. [1] Tien MZ, Sydykova DK, Meyer AG, Wilke CO. (2013) PeptideBuilder: A simple Python library to generate model peptides. PeerJ 1:e80 [2] The authors of the PeerJ publication do not endorse or support this virtual machine. To ask questions about the virtual machine, please post a question using the "Questions" feature on the PeerJ article.