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This file contains AIO’s red alert communications and publications for the period of 1975-1981. Included in this file are news about American Indian Education, increasing general revenue sharing funds to Native American Governments, a copy of a red paper entitled Protection of Native American Energy Resources, support to President Carter’s evaluation of water projects, a petition to urge President Carter to set up an Office of Indian Energy within the Federal Energy Administration, Delegation of authority relating to lands and minerals to the Albuquerque area director by the commissioner of Indian Affairs, updating of the White Mountain Apache Tribe’s membership, Community Services Administration Fiscal Year 1976 funding, allocations, and guidelines, Oliphant and Wheeler cases and the Abourezk Bill, Ivy League wants Indian Students, White House Conference on Balanced National Growth and Economic Development, RED ALERT an AIO’s publication #81-1, Red alerts communications and calls for diverse grants and funding includes applications to special community service and continuing education programs, closing dates for Educational television proposals, teacher corps projects, school construction assistance, Health Services, National advisory Council meeting on Indian Education, closing date for receipt of proposals for gifted and talented model projects, State Department Agency for International Development is receiving applications for the International Development Interns Program, and job announcements.

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Native American Studies


American Indian education, funds to Native American governments, Native American natural resources, opportunity for funding development programs, RED ALERT Publications


Indigenous Education


Documents dated between 1975-1981

Americans For Indian Opportunity Red Alert (1975-1981)