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This file contains communications with Funding institutions, sponsors, and tribal representatives, conference-Symposia plans, and copies/drafts of the Project proposal on Advancing Consensus-based Tribal Governance. Among the attachments included in this file are (a) a draft on Indian Tribal Government and Indian Economic Development: A statement of principles, (b) a copy of a paper entitled To be or Not To Be Indian, and copies of papers/notes on Intergovernmental Relations, (c) The Dichotomy of White/Red Governance, (d) Notes on Conflict by Wingspread Participants, (e) Notes on Conflict resolution, (f) Notes on Eastern and Western Indian Philosophy, (g) Preliminary Proposal Ideas for Indian Conflict Management Training Project, (h) Some thoughts on conflict resolution, (i) Rebuilding a Tribal System of Government: The Comanche Experience (j) The Emergence of a New Tribal Leader (k) a copy of a non-dated AIO’s publication of a report entitled To Govern and To be Governed: American Indian Tribal Governments at the Crossroads, and (l) a copy of a Proposal presented to the Administration for Native Americans and The Bureau of Indian Affairs for interagency support of a Project to assess the impact of Self-determination policies of the past decade on tribal governments and their progress toward self-sufficiency including appendixes and budgets.

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Concept paper-Proposal & Correspondence

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Native American Studies


American Tribal Governance, relations, negotiating models, tribal economic development, white/red governance, Tribal conflict, trust responsibility vs. Tribal responsibility, The Comanche experience, emergence of a new tribal leader, Tribal Government at the Crossroads, Tribal self-determination/self-sufficiency, budgets, assurance


Indigenous Education

Project on the Development of Consensus-Based Tribal Governance