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Spring 2020


Get in Good Trouble: A Collection of Essays by Millennial Law Scholars Introduction by Verónica C. Gonzales-Zamora with essays by Kinda Abdus-Saboor, Ernestine Chaco, Marcus Gadson, Verónica Gonzales-Zamora, Camilo Romero, Lysette Romero Córdova, Morenike Saula, Joseph Schremmer, and Hon. Roshanna Toya. Afterword by Marcus Gadson. In response to the global pandemic, legal education in the United States shifted almost immediately to new tools and methods of delivery. Unsure of the lasting impact of these shifts, law faculty and law students around the country remain in limbo preparing for different scenarios when instruction resumes. Millennial law professors and scholars, with decades of experience in overcoming global and local challenges, are well positioned to lead the transformation of legal education. In a short time span, they have experienced the impacts of the September 11 attacks, wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, two deep national economic recessions, and, now, a deadly pandemic, all while dealing with personal barriers to entering law school and becoming law faculty. Millennial law scholars can offer valuable lessons from their lived experiences and apply them to the new challenges facing legal educators. Current legal scholarship contains many disparaging articles about millennials such as how to activate, motivate, and educate a lazy generation glued to their electronic devices. By providing three-dimensional and diverse perspectives left out of survey analyses and scholarship, millennial law scholars share their personal counter-narratives. Get to know this subculture of millennial junior scholars in the legal profession and discover their individual and collective visions for the future of legal education amid the devastating crises roiling the nation. From training students to work for racial justice to developing pedagogy to cope with crisis, reimagine what comes next.

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Journal of Legal Education





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Millennial Law Professors, Black Lives Matter, COVID-19



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