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You could say that I am here this morning as an advance man of tomorrows detailed talks on the active water rights management regulations that were recently adopted by the Office of the State Engineer, because I am going to talk about those a little bit in a historical context. You could also say that I am here to warm you up to that topic, so that you are ready for tomorrow's detailed controversial discussion of those. My job as the warmer up may be simply to inform you about the acronym that people are using in my world to describe those new active water rights management regulations, because no body can manage that. The people with whom I work and who are concentrating on them call these the AW(O)RM regulations. The AWRM regulations are sort of what happen to a third base-man like A-Rod when he gets reduced to a garden byproduct. But these are the AWRM regulations that I would like.

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New Mexico Water Resources Research Institute (50th Annual New Mexico Water Conference Proceedings). New Mexico Water: Past, Present, and Future or Guns, Lawyers, and Money


Las Cruces, NM

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New Mexico, Water History

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