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53 p. ; Report filed in Pueblo of Sandia v. Babbitt, et al. in United States District Court, District of Columbia.


"'The purpose of this report is to review and address past surveys of the Pueblo grant boundaries, focusing on the east boundary. Specifically, the report considers these two questions: what did the Deputy Surveyor survey, and is the east boundary survey a result of private oral instruction given to the surveyor and not preserved in the documents? Since those who believe that the boundary should have been along ""the Main Ridge of Sandia Mountain,"" the problem is to decide, if possible, where those translations, interpretations, instructions, and surveys went astray and for what apparent reasons. Study of documents on the east boundary of Sandia Mountain provides definite answers as to the location of the true east boundary. Documents on file with the Surveyor General, whether or not they were altered, a11 support Sandia Pueblo\'s claim, insisting that the east boundary is ""the Sierra Madre called Sandia,"" or ""the Main Ridge called Sandia.""'"



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Court Filing



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