Cynthia Radding

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This three-day meeting brought together the four LAKH Latin American partner institutions and the UNM team for the first full meeting. The main objectives were to know the mission of each partner and the specific goals for their participation in the LAKH project; state the achievements and problems that each team has encountered; organize informational panels on specific themes that are central to the LAKH project; discuss in workshops the technical, administrative and budgetary issues of the project; establish goals for the fourth year of the TICFIA grants; establish guidelines for project evaluation and exchange ideas for new proposals and additional collaborators. Many of these goals were met, although specific strategies for 1) meeting our goals in Year Four, 2) implementing the evaluation plan and 3) establishing a framework for the new proposal await further discussion and additional information. Two important achievements of the LAKH conference are the signing of Memoranda of Cooperation between UNM and IBICT and Abya Yala, respectively.


Conference proceedings, by Cynthia Radding, with contributions from Johann van Reenen, Hélio Kuramoto, Silvio Barbin, Simoni Valadares, and José Almeida


University of New Mexico, Latin American and Iberian Institute, University Libraries, US Department of Education, Technological Innovation and Cooperation for Foreign Information Access.

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Latin America, South America, Mexico, Knowledge management, Digital Library, Open Access