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This bibliography contributes to this process of scholarly rethinking and re-vision-ing by laying out the impressive accomplishments of those who have studied urban labor in Brazil. Looking back at the modest beginnings of this area of research at mid-century, it is clear that Brazil has seen an extraordinary expansion in the number, quality, and sophistication of empirical studies of urban labor--with an increasingly broader representation of scholarly disciplines and geographical regions. These efforts at intellectual comprehension are a tribute tot he significance, influence, and increasing power of the new social class of urban wage laborers in twentieth century Brazil. It is also a portent of future changes in Brazil, whether hailed as a promise or utopia by some Brazilians or feared by others as a threat to their power and privileges. As we strive to better understand the Brazilian social formation in all its complexity, we must not forsake the "linha mestre" that links the intellectual study of labor to the social transformation that workers\' movements have always represented--and that is needed now, more than ever, in Brazil and the United States.


Produced pursuant to a grant from the Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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Latin American and Iberian Institute, The University of New Mexico


The Brazilian Curriculum Guide Specialized Bibliography, Series II. Jon M. Tolman, General Editor


Urban Labor History in Twentieth Century Brazil