John D. Martz

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Working Paper

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It should be borne in mind that this study is part of a collective undertaking that examines military institutions under conservative authoritarian rule. Its preoccupations have included the impact of the military on economic policy and regime performance; military linkages with civilian interest groups; and the functioning of the military power structure. For organizational convenience, most of this paper will be devoted to two major sections. The first will focus primarily on policy, with attention to decision making and regime performance. The second will examine more directly issues of politics, embracing the place of the military in society and the evolution of ties with major interest groups. Before moving into these discussions, however, further background is appropriate. Certainly the institutional evolution of the Ecuadorean military prior to the 1970s is mandatory. Moreover, at least a few words about the significance and implications of regimes may be in order.


Latin American and Iberian Institute

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Military Rule, Ecuador, Policies, Politics, Statist, Orthodoxy