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In light of the 800th anniversary and celebration of the Poema de mio Cid, this study takes into consideration the 1525 version of the Cid legend titled Crónica del muy esforçado cavallero el Cid Ruy Díaz Campeador, exemplar R/26575 of the Biblioteca Nacional in Madrid. It examines the relationship of woodcuts to text, the relationship of the 1525 version to other versions of the Crónica del Cid as these texts are generally known; and finally discusses notions of diffusion and canonicity as regards this particular work, suggesting that this work, along with other Cidian chronicles may have had more to do with what was known of the Cid than the canonical epic known as Poema de mio Cid.


Latin American and Iberian Institute

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Poema de mio Cid, Woodcuts, Diffusion, Canonicity