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The development of large plantations of African oil palms in Ecuador's Amazonian province of Napo has recently become a sensitive issue for this small South American country. Over the past few years, the indigenous peoples of the Cofan, Siona-Secoya, and Quichua tribes have felt increasingly threatened by the incursions of oil-palm plantations and very concerned about plans for a major expansion of this agro-industry in the region. Such an expansion could result in extensive destruction of the rain forest and a decline in the quality of the river waters, both vital to the physical and cultural survival of these indigenous tribes. The Ecuadorian government supports the expansion of these plantations as a key part of its development program in the Amazonian region and, for the most part, has been far less concerned about the needs of the Indians.

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The Latin American and Iberian Institute of the University of New Mexico


environmental effects, palm oil, Ecuador