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Discussion with fronteristxs collective: Ongoing collaborative work in the abolition movement



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In this presentation the fronteristxs collective will discuss their ongoing collaborative work in the abolition movement. They will talk about the historical violence of the US immigration system and its relationship to racism in the criminal justice system. The fronteristxs collective is currently working with several coalitions on 1) the #FreeThemAll campaign to demand immediate release of individuals from jails, prisons, and detention centers 2) the campaign to divest NMERB funds from private prisons 3) and a legislative ban on private prisons in New Mexico. The collective will shed light on the ways that those in power work to silence individuals and give insight on how you can get involved in the campaign to #FreeThemAll.

About the collective: We are the fronteristxs, a collective of artists in New Mexico working with community advocates to end migrant detention and to abolish the carceral state. We believe and fight for a world of liberation for all. We do this through direct action, coalition building, and grassroots organizing. We partner with artists and advocates towards the long-term goal of building a solidarity economy based on self-determination, justice, sustainability, and cooperation. We reject the current system of racial capitalism based on resource extraction and the inhumanity in the U.S. prison system. We believe there has never been a better time in recent history for the role of artists in the freedom struggle. As a collective, we work to center the voices and artistic talents of those directly impacted by these issues as a way to create collective agency.


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Criminology and Criminal Justice | Inequality and Stratification | Migration Studies | Social Control, Law, Crime, and Deviance | Social Justice

Discussion with fronteristxs collective: Ongoing collaborative work in the abolition movement