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Issue No. 45: July 1997


1 Historical Society of New Mexico Awards, 1997
1 HSNM Launches Grant Program
1 1998 Annual HSNM Conference Call for Papers
1 Call for Nominations for Society's Annual Awards
1 AASLH to Meet in Denver, October 1-4, 1997
2 Intimacy and Empire: Indian-African Interaction in Spanish Colonial New Mexico, 1500-1800
5 Inventing the Southwest: The Fred Harvey Company and Native American Art, the Albuquerque Museum, June-September
5 A Challenge
6 Book Reviews, The Myth of Santa Fe: Creating a Modern Regional Tradition
7 Book Reviews, New Mexico's finest: Peace Officers Killed in the Line of Duty, 1847-1996
7 Book Reviews, Great Excavations: Tales of Early Southwestern Archaeology, 1888-1939
7 Book Reviews, Spanish New Mexico: The Spanish Colonial Arts Society Collection
8 The Historical Society of New mexico $1,000 Scholarships
8 Santa Fe Trail Association Symposium, September 23-28, 1997