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A Bogota Circuit Court on March 31 ordered a halt to US- based Occidental Petroleum's drilling near a reservation of the U\'wa Indians. Despite the ruling, protests against exploitation on Indian lands continue, including a hunger strike by Indian congressional representatives. U\'wa Roberto Perez said after the court ruling that the tribe still sees a long battle ahead. "This fight has not been won," Perez said in Washington, where he had been meeting with members of Congress and activists. "While the court ruled to stop Occidental's drilling, the appeal could easily be against us. That is why we must keep up the pressure and continue fighting." The U\'Wa tribe has waged a national and international campaign since 1995 to stop Occidental from drilling on or near its ancestral lands near Colombia's eastern border with Venezuela (sees NotiSur, 1999-03-12). The tribe, with between 5,000 and 10,000 members, has threatened mass suicide if the oil companies violate their territory.