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Dominican President Leonel Fernández on Oct. 11 inaugurated the largest wind energy farms ever built in the Caribbean nation. The Los Cocos and Quilvio Cabrera farms, which cost some $100 million, will save the country the cost of annual imports of 200,000 barrels of oil, the government said. However, critics say the 33 megawatts that the facilities will inject into to the national grid will do little to address its 600 megawatt ""energy deficit,"" and that the blackouts and other inefficiencies that have plagued the country's electricity grid will not be resolved by the wind farms alone. Is the Dominican Republic on the right track to improve its electricity system, and if not, what else should be done? What are the most financially responsible longterm options? Will the country's continued electricity shortages and disputes over energy policies play a big role in the race leading up to the May 2012 presidential election?




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